The Rides at PortAventura, Salou, Spain

PortAventura is the ultimate theme park of Spain and as such has more than it's fair share of white knuckle rides, but it is not just the coasters that await you at PortAventura. The theme park has many rides, some hectic, some gentle some wet. There are also a wealth of spectacular shows daily that will amaze and enchant you. Below you can see some of the fantastic rides and glorious shows that will greet you on your arrival at PortAventura theme Park, Salou, Spain.
Dragon Khan PortAventuraDragon Khan
The Dragon Khan in the land of China is probably PortAventura's best known coaster, and some say it is still the most fearsome. The Dragon Khan is likely to be your first glimpse of PortAventura as you near the resorts en route from Reus airport. With 8 loops and towering above the theme park the Dragon Khan is an amazing sight. Dare you attempt to overcome your fear and tame this dragon are you ready for the coaster ride of your life at over 70mph.
Furious Baco - The Crypt - Flikr (c)Furious Baco
One of the newest white knuckle rides at PortAventura and found in Mediterrania. This one is for the speed thrill seekers. Before this ride opened it was known as the accelerator, for obvious reasons! 135km/h is fast, 135km/h in 3 seconds is the Furious Baco. Now this is where you get to see what white knuckle is, get on, feel the adreneline and feel the rush.

Hurakan Condor PortAventuraHurakan Condor
Another towering feature of PortAventura and found in the Mexico land, the Hurakan Condor looms above you at 100m high, dare you get taken to the top to admire the views of the Costa Dorada before being dropped like a stone, leaving your stoamch behind as you hurtle towards the group at breathtaking speed. Will you survive the 100m plunge into the void of darkness.
Stampida PortAventuraStampida
The Far West gives us the Stampida, not one but two coasters. This twin coaster see's you racing side by side red against blue on a traditional boneshaking wooden roller coaster. Some say the wooden coasters are the best, and give you that incredible feeling. The 1km wooden track of the Stampida will give you the ride of your life, feel the rumble, feel the Stampida.
El Diablo PortAventuraEl Diablo
The old silver mine in the land of Mexico is deserted, the miners have gone never to re-appear, dare you explore El Diablo and ride in an old mine cart over the creaking clattering rails, hurtle to the depths of the mine, twisting and turning. Hold on tight it is going to be fast and furious. What is hidden in the shafts of this old mine, if you enter to find out, will you be seen again?
Grand Canyon Rapids PortAventuraGrand Canyon Rapids
The Grand Canyon Rapids in the Far West gives you a soaking ride on the white water, follow the rapids around the course crashing around the rocks and over the waterfalls. The rapids will carry you along through the canyons, keep an eye out for the sharp shooting snipers on the bridges armed with water guns trying to enusure you get that little bit more wetter. A good job there is the warm Cosata Dorada sunshine to dry you out again afterwards.
Tutuki Splash - PortAventuraTutuki Splash
In Polynesia you will find the Tutuki Splash, ride in a barge into the depths of a volcanos crash, carried along on gushing volcanic lava. Brace yourself as the volcano spurts your barge out over the top and down the steep side of the volcano. Hold on tight as you cascade down and land with a tremendous splash. Another chance for another soaking at the PortAventura theme park.
Fumanchu PortAventuraFumanchu
In the land of China stands Fumanchu. There are carousels that we all know and love, but then there is Fumanchu which is like no other carousel. It is big, very big, let Fumanchu take you to new heights, gliding through the air getting higher and higher, whisked round and round, twisting and turning in you seat, until you feel you are flying. You might think Fumanchu looks like a kids ride, but then this is Fumanchu and this is PortAventura.

Amazing shows at PortAventura

Chinatown: An amazing stage show with acrobatics and perfectly timed choreography, set in the street of Chinatown, this show will amaze you with the skill and timing of the performers.

Bubblebou: The shows title gives a hint to its content, Bubbles! lots of bubbles, a show of light and bubbles formed and artistically shaped into many forms. Both kids and adults will love Bubblebou.

Aves del Paraiso: Feathered friends show off their majestic colour as parrots, macaws and cockatoos fill the show with their graceful displays. These tropical birds from around the world will put on a display to delight you.